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The Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber (HBOT) Treatments

What is a hyperbaric chamber? A hyperbaric chamber is an enclosure wherein a user breathes in oxygen at levels above normal atmospheric pressure. The goal is to fill the blood with enough oxygen to repair tissues and restore body functions. While a user is in the chamber breathing supplemental oxygen under increased pressure, oxygen saturates their red blood cells. The additional pressure directly infuses oxygen into bodily fluids. This includes plasma, lymphatic fluid, spinal fluid, and interstitial spaces and tissues.

We perform best when our cells are well oxygenated. When cellular processes are compromised by injury, illness, and even the natural aging process, hyperbaric chambers provide a way to increase the amount of oxygen available for our bodies to work efficiently.

What does a hyperbaric chamber do? There are many healing benefits derived from delivering oxygen-rich blood to tissue that is injured and starved for oxygen. Wounds and injuries damage blood vessels, causing the vessels to release fluid into the surrounding tissues, which then leads to swelling. This swelling deprives damaged cells of oxygen, potentially leading to tissue death. A hyperbaric chamber elevates the amount of oxygen in the blood to break the swelling/oxygen starvation/tissue death cycle.

HBOT prevents “reperfusion injury,” which is the severe tissue damage caused when the blood supply returns to the tissues after a period of oxygen deprivation. Treatment in a hyperbaric chamber blocks harmful bacteria and boosts the body’s immune system by increasing the level of oxygen concentration in tissues. HBOT also helps white blood cells efficiently find and destroy infections.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy also helps to treat patients with brain damage, cerebral palsy, or those recovering from a stroke. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy heals the existing wounds that may exist in tissue. If a brain injury causes the brain not to signal clots or wounds within the tissue to be healed, the increase of oxygen carried in the blood plasma allows those wounds to be healed. This is especially important if there are wounds, excess fluid or blood clots in the brain as the influx of oxygen allows the body to heal those areas.

As we age, our bodies are less efficient at repairing and regenerating skin, removing unwanted toxins, and healing. Hyperbaric chambers can help our bodies do a better job of those things, even fighting declining cognitive skills that often accompany the aging process. Oxygen therapy promotes the formation of new connective tissue and skin cells by supporting the formation of new blood vessels and stimulating cell production of substances that promote healing and revitalization.