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The Benefits of ION Magnum Treatments

What is Ion Magnum? The Ion Magnum treatment is a Non-Surgical and Non-Invasive Muscle Building Weight Loss Program. It uses pacemaker technology to smoothly flex muscles the same way muscles naturally flex during regular exercise. The technology enables the muscle tissue to believe it is performing a muscle toning work out by mimicking brain waves.

ION Magnum is an advanced fitness system that rapidly burns fat and delivers the benefits of an intense, professional workout without the pain, physical exertion or inconvenience of conventional exercise.

How does it work? When we exercise our brain sends signals to the corresponding muscles for contraction and relaxation. The result is consumption of energy while exercising and later for repair and strengthening of the worked-up muscles. In simple words extra FAT is converted into energy. The breakthrough technology of ION Magnum is a Nanotechnology which is specifically designed to mimic brain waves so that the muscle tissue is made to believe that it is performing a muscle-toning workout. The result is similar to an intensive workout regime. The difference is that FAT can be targeted from problem areas helping in Defined FAT reduction.

Unlike machines which claim to help you lose weight through muscle stimulation, ION Magnum does not use electrical currents which twitch or jerk muscles. The waveforms used in pacemaker technology help to smoothly flex the heart muscles to get the heart to work normally. Using the same technology, ION Magnum waveforms flex the muscles the same way they would flex during normal physical exercise.

What are the benefits of ION Magnum? There are multiple benefits of treatments taken using ION Magnum. Some of the most favorable benefits felt globally are:

  • High tech compact workout: Each session is more effective than many hours of training in a gym
  • Up to 5000 calories are burned in one session
  • The solution to fast effortless inch lost
  • Naturally increases metabolic rate
  • Reduces visceral fat
  • Speeds up muscle strengthening
  • Can target FAT from Defined Body Parts like Abs, Hips, Arms, Chin, and Thighs
  • Sports Injury Rehabilitation
  • Increases stamina
  • Detoxification & Anti-Aging Effects
  • Skin Firming Effects

How Safe is the treatment and the Technology? The Ion Magnum is currently FDA-registered as a Class I device, which is the safest classification. A Class I certification means that a device is extraordinarily safe with no significant risks for people of normal health. ION Magnum is a FDA approved technology. It uses Nano-current and the waveforms similar to the body’s endogenous signals so that the body accepts them well. There are absolutely no side effects.